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American Breweries II , Dale P. Van Wieren, East Coast Breweriana Association, 1995

This is an updated compilation of all known breweries in the United States up to 1995. It follows the first edition by Donald Bull, Manfred Friedrich and Robert Gottschalk. Broken down by city and state it provides dates of operation, change of name/ownership and addresses when available. A great resource for anyone interested in brewing history in the U.S. Avaiable at Just for Openers.


The Falstaff Story, Alvin Griesedieck, Simmons-Sissler Co., Inc. 1951

History of the company from the beginning to the early. fifties. Alvin Griesedieck was the son of Joseph Griesedieck and was na officer in the company from the beginning. Full of useful and interesting information. The book is out of print.


Lemp The Haunting History, Stephen P. Walker, Lemp Preservation Society, 1988, Seventh printing 2000.

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American Breweriana Journal, Official publication of The American Breweriana Association, Various issues and articles..


The Handbook of United States Beer Advertising Openers and Corkscrews. John Stanley, Edward R. Kaye and Dopnald A. Bull.

This handbook is updated annually and is available at Just for Openers.


The Shield, The Falstaff monthly employee newsletter. Copyright 1937, Various issues.


The Shield, The newsletter of the Falstaff Chapter of Brewery Collectibles Club of America.


United States Beer Cans, The Standard Reference of Flat Tops and Cone Tops, Copyright 2001 by Beer Can Collectors of America. Now the Brewery Collectibles Club of America.


Great American Beers, Twelve Brands That Became Icons, Bill Yenne, MBI Publishing, St. Paul, MN 2004

A nice chapter on Falstaff with a good selection of breweriana pictures.


Falstaff's Complete Beer Book, Frederic Birmingham, Award Books, New York, 1970.

This book, sponsored by Falstaff Brewing is not so much about Falstaff as about brewing and brewing history in general. It does have some nice photos of the Falstaff Museum stein collection and some other Falstaff related illustrations.


Beer, USA, Will Anderson, Morgan and Morgan, New York, 1986

This is a well illustrated history of brewing in the U.S. Has a few nice Falstaff photographs.


Back Bar Breweriana, George J. Baley, L-W Book Sales, Gas City, IN, 1992

Black and white photos of back bar pieces including several rare Falstaff statues. I believe that there is a newer edition of this book.


The New Who's Who in Brew, John Vetter,

Self published I believe. A compilation of brand names, who brewed the brand and dates. Invaluable.

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