Falstaff brewing, San Francisco

Address: 432 10th Street, San Francisco.



Photo from The Falstaff Brewing Corporation 1972 Annual Report




This site had been home to a brewery from the late 19th century until it closed in 1978. It was owned by several brewing companies, including Milwaukee, San Francisco, Burgermesier and Schlitz. After the closing in 1978 the buildings fell into disrepair and were demolished. Most of the site is now covered with a big box Costco store and its parking lot. . A few of the auxillary buidings are still standing.



Archives of the San Francisco Public Library





These are the last remnants of the San Francisco brewery. These buidings are on Harrison Street across 11th Street from the main brewery site. The buildings were part of the warehouse and loading facility added in 1965 as part of a $4,000,000 upgrade by then owner, Schlitz Brewing of Milwakee, WI.. The tall buiding in the background of the left picture is the former Rainier//Hamm's brewery. Most of the buldings of this brewery are still standing and in use by non-brewing concerns. The irony is that Rainier and Schlitz are both brands of Pabst which is of course controlled by the Kalmanovitz Charitable Trust. And at one time Hamm's fell under the same umbrella.

For a street level view go to and click on the little man Google satellite image/map of former site of San Francisco plant. and click on the little man

Plant photos at falstaffbrewing.com


Some nice photographs can be found at the San Francisco Public LibraryArchive website. Enter Schlitz or Burgermeister in the search box. Enter brewing to get a large selection of San Francisco brewery related photographs.


On the mpe below the large flat buildingto the rightof the marker is on the site of the original brewery.. The dark roofed building below the marker are the last remining buildings that belonged to the brewery. They were added during the time of Schlitz ownership.


Falstaff, San Francisco, CA 1971-1978