From the Annual Report - 1965


This plant was the former Narragansett Brewing Co. of Cranston, Rhode Island. It was the purchase of this brewery that led to the U. S. Attorney to sue Falstaff in an anti-trust action. Falstaff eventually won the case in the U. S. Supreme Court but the cost depleted Falstaff's resources. Enter Paul Kalmanovitz and the Kalmanovitz Charitable Trust, and the rest as they say is history.


Google satellite image/map of former Plant 12 location. Not sure of the date of the Google image but it shows the Cranston Street Trolley Barn still standing. The building was demolished in June, 2005. This buiding was used for a time as a brewery warehouse. Check out some of the personal anecdotes submi


Plant photos at falstaffbrewing.com


A collection of photographs of the brewery shortly before its demolition.

The brewery was demolished in October 1998 to make way for a strip mall called The Brewery Parkade. This site also has a short history of the company. There are also several personal Narragansett anecdotes posted here.


In 2005 investors purchased the rights to Narragansett and have returned the brand to New England. Have a look at the new website. Has a nice selection of history and breweriana photos as well as some vintage radio and television commercials. Worth a visit.



Falstaff Plant 12 Cranston, RI 1965-1984